Benefits of Membership

CPHA membership entitles you to use the lake and green belt areas, with a CPHA lanyard, key and current annual tag. Fishing and boating at Calabasas lake are available to members, as well, with the proper permits

CPHA also provides the security patrol (Andrews International Security) on the streets within the Park as well as around the lake, and they respond to emergencies quite promptly. Our security service acts as a deterrent throughout the park. The 24/7 client support center number is (800) 452-1622.

CPHA distributes a community publication, THE CALABASAS CONNECTION, which will keep you informed of community events that may be of importance and interest to you.

CPHA’s volunteers represent you on City issues involving landscaping, lake maintenance, taxation, new development in the area and much more.

Use of Lake and Recreational Areas by Voluntary Members

All voluntary members of the Calabasas Park Homeowners Association (“CPHA”) who wish to use the lake and other recreational areas owned by CPHA during the upcoming year. CPHA requires anyone who wishes to use these areas to (i) become a dues-paying member of CPHA, and (ii) agree in writing to be bound by CPHA’s CC&Rs and other governing documents during the upcoming year. In substance, as a matter of fairness to the mandatory members of CPHA, we ask that you agree to be bound by the same rules and restrictions that must be followed by CPHA mandatory members as a condition to you receiving the same benefits they receive, including use of the lake.

Our lake and parks provide endless enjoyment to the community, and we welcome your use of these areas. You are certainly under no obligation to become a member. However, please understand that if you fail to sign and return the attached letter to the management office, including payment of dues, you will not receive a current lake tag to the lake entrance and will not be authorized to use our lake and other recreational areas.

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.

Sincerely, Board of Directors

Calabasas Park Homeowners Association